PHOTOS: Wine doggo at Maryland winery delivers bottles curbside during COVID-19 pandemic

Wine doggo at Maryland winery delivers bottles curbside during COVID-19 pandemic. (ABC7 File Photo)

Man’s best friend is doing his part to fight the new coronavirus. One local winery has found an ingenious way to serve up curbside wine.

Maybe Stone House Urban Winery in Hagerstown, Maryland is on to something.

Maybe this truly is the way to cure COVID-19.

Keeping your distance and spreading nothing but joy in the form of a four-legged friend carrying out your reds and whites.

Owners Lori Yata and Lorie Dixon are following orders but getting creative. They are taking curbside pick up to another level these days. Yata’s 75-pound brindle boxer who goes by the name of Soda Pup makes the delivery from the winery up the sidewalk path to the awaiting customers curbside.

“We’ve had people call in just specifically to have soda pup bring wine out to them. people who have never even been here before,” Yata adds.

It’s bringing people together but not too close together.

Yata jumped online and found a nifty little backpack. They pack the wine in the pockets and a treat in there so Pup gets something out of it.

The reality is the strong 11-year old boxer is only carrying two bottles at a time and gets plenty of breaks. But he’s delivering much more than just wine. He’s delivering a different type of spirit: the kind that drips into your heart and soul.

The CDC has said animals are very low risk for carrying the virus. This prevents any human contact. Soda Pup is not just man’s best friend, but also the middleman during this difficult time.

Stone House wants to thank all their loyal customers and can’t wait until all of Soda Pup's friends can hang out a little longer at the winery.


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