This crystal bed will infuse your water with energy to quench your thirst for wellness

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After a crystal bed treatment at Modrn Sanctuary, keep the good vibes flowing with energy-infused water. (Photo: Emily Faber, Sinclair Broadcast Group)

NEW YORK CITY (SBG) - At a luxury Manhattan wellness center, you can infuse your water bottle with vibrational energy while you balance your chakras on a sensory crystal bed. While that sentence might sound a little bit like wellness Mad Libs, it’s a service offered at Modrn Sanctuary, a holistic healing space in New York City.

Admittedly, there are a lot of wellness buzzwords to unpack here, so let’s start with one of the buzziest: crystals. While the term “crystal bed” doesn’t quite inspire a vision of total comfort, rest assured that you won’t be lying down on the crystals’ sharp edges; the bed itself is essentially a massage table, designed for maximum relaxation. The namesake of the treatment is the arrangement of seven crystals suspended above the bed, emitting a soft rainbow glow in an otherwise dimly lit room.

It’s all very pretty, but, much like the crystals themselves, it’s also designed to have a point. Each of the colors is correlated to a different energy center, or chakra, in the body.

If your knowledge of chakras is limited to a passing mention in the occasional yoga class, you’ll find yourself in good hands at Modrn Sanctuary. Upon entering the wellness center, you’ll have the chance to look over a frequency chart that describes the healing properties that are associated with each chakra, allowing you to select the one that most closely aligns with your intentions for the treatment. Interested in liberating fear and guilt? That’s your root chakra. Need help expressing yourself? Go for the throat.

Although it may seem like a difficult decision to make, your other chakras won’t be entirely ignored during the process. “It’s a targeted level of the treatment. You’re getting all your chakras balanced, but you want to hone in on the heart chakra? We’ll plug in that frequency for you,” explained Alexis Alvarez, an in-house intuitive energy worker and spiritual adviser for Modrn Sanctuary.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred frequency and relaxed onto the table, the bed will start to vibrate at that level. There’s nothing more that you need to do, other than simply letting yourself drift away on the heat-generating BioMat under the radiance of the seven colorful crystals.

As you begin to sense the vibrations, you may also start to feel your eyelids growing heavier and your thoughts becoming few and far between. “Some people do fall asleep faster than they would on their bed at home, which is an indicator that the body’s going into a theta wave frequency. That’s always a good thing if you fall asleep on the bed,” said Alvarez.

But if you stay awake the entire time? No cause for alarm, according to Alvarez; every person’s experience is different.

“But people do tend to fall asleep,” she added with a laugh, an indicator of the level of relaxation typically achieved during a session.

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So even if words like “crystals” and “chakras” still bring about some level of skepticism in your mind, you can, at the very least, expect an opportunity to unwind and escape from the stresses of daily life. “We’re here to help you get back to yourself and feel relaxed and good and balanced,” Alvarez said. “Modrn Sanctuary was created to make you feel at home.”

Through her choice of words, it becomes clear as to why the infused water element was incorporated into the crystal bed treatment. If you were supposed to feel at home at the spa, wouldn’t it, in turn, make sense to bring something out of the spa and back into your home? So, rather than leaving all of the good vibes behind, you can savor them in your studio apartment by infusing your water bottle with the energy generated during your session.

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Infused water is certainly appropriate for a spa environment, though you may be more accustomed to the sight of a pitcher filled with something very much tangible, like cucumbers or mint. But the process of enhancing the water with frequencies is surprisingly just as simple as boosting the flavor with strawberries. Guests are encouraged to place their water bottles on a metal tray that has an electrode connected to it. On the other end, that electrode is connected to a transducer, the device responsible for creating the vibrations for the chosen frequencies.

“We already know that water can be changed electromagnetically, so with the crystal bed, we’re just kind of tuning it into the chakra that you want to get some extra healing to,” Alvarez said. “If they, for example, have their water charged to the solar plexus frequency, I would hope for them to experience a little more happy energy, right? Because the solar plexus is our center of joy.”

If your curiosity leads you to a crystal therapy appointment of your own, you’ll be encouraged to drink your water almost immediately following the session. Not only is hydration a good idea after spending time on the BioMat’s infrared heat, it’s also been seen that the energy of the water will dissipate between 20 minutes and a couple of hours.

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Whether you're intimately in touch with your chakra imbalances, just in search of the most aesthetic spot for a high-quality nap, or anywhere in between, Modrn Sanctuary's crystal bed has you covered. Peak wellness buzzwords aside, it's here to make you feel good, and honestly, who couldn't use a little more of that energy in their life?