Seth Rogen urges Canadians to stop clipping their nails on subways

Seth Rogen YouTube
Seth Rogen recording public service announcements for Vancouver's public transit system. (Translink/YouTube)

Seth Rogen has recorded new announcements to help Toronto and Vancouver's public transportation chiefs fix bad behavior on the cities' subway systems.

The "Pineapple Express" star, who is Canadian, admits he was surprised by what people think is acceptable behavior when they're heading to work or just travelling around the cities, and was glad to be part of the team trying to clean up the subways.

"Someone else was supposed to do the voice of the public transportation in Vancouver, but he was eliminated due to some controversy," he told "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon, referring to the fact Morgan Freeman was originally selected to voice the SkyTrain announcements.

"I swept in, I take public transportation... I was like, 'If I can give announcements to create any sort of decorum in this situation I'm more than happy to'. They gave me a list of things people complain about the most and one was people clipping their nails, toenails, on subways. I recorded a message to stop this behavior.

"I was like, 'Enough people do this that it requires a message?' And they were like, 'Yes!'"

Rogen replaced Freeman when the movie veteran was dumped as the voice of SkyTrain following his sexual misconduct scandal earlier this year.

The "Glory" star was accused of making unwanted and inappropriate comments to female assistants and journalists.