Reba the Hen's wild ride: Family's beloved pet chicken escapes in car, returns home

Reba the missing chicken 4.PNG
Reba the Hen went missing in San Antonio and was later found at a Costco before she was returned home to her family. (Photo courtesy: Justin Matthews)

SAN ANTONIO (KABB/WOAI) — A chicken in Fair Oaks Ranch was found after alive and well after she flew the coop and jumped into the trunk of a car!

Reba's owner, Justin Matthews, said an Instacart shopper was delivering groceries to his Fair Oaks home when she jumped into the trunk of the car.

Without realizing it, the shopper returned to his car, closed the trunk, and left, not knowing Reba the Hen was still there.

Matthews says the family noticed she was missing about four hours later. When he reviewed his Ring video, he saw what happened and reached out to Instacart.

"Turns out he went to Costco afterwards and she jumped out when he opened the trunk! He thought it was a prank!" said Matthews on Facebook.

Sadly, by the time Matthews got to Costco, he learned Reba had been running around the parking lot for a while before some ladies scooped her up.

After putting Reba's picture on social media and explaining the situation, Matthews said a woman reached out to him, explaining that she picked up sweet Reba at Costco.

It was a happy ending and a sweet reunion when Susan Almaraz and Zobeida Perry, two sisters who found Reba the Hen at Costco Thursday, returned her home Friday.

Perry fully anticipated taking the chicken in as one of her own and caring for her until she realized she already had a loving family in San Antonio. Reba‘s family said they can finally be whole again now that their hen is back.

She is just one of the three of the family’s chickens. They are still laughing about her great escape.