Marijuana-themed sandwich shop 'Cheba Hut' coming to Arkansas

A Colorado-based sandwich chain is bringing its “toasted” subs to Arkansas. (Photo: Seth Larson)

A Colorado-based sandwich chain is bringing its “toasted” subs to Arkansas.

Cheba Hut Chief Relationship Officer Seth Larson told KATV that we can expect to see a Little Rock location open this fall and two in Fayetteville in 2020.

The fast-casual sandwich shop opened its first store in Arizona in 1998 and is now based in Colorado.

They are partnering with Hunter and Darcie Fletcher of Conway to run their restaurants in Arkansas.

“Locals know their town more than we ever would, so that’s why we wanted to partner up with a few select groups,” Larson said.

The menu includes sub sandwiches named after various strands of marijuana. They also serve soups, salads, and each location has a bar.

“The goal is to make sure that everyone feels comfortable in our restaurants. We think Cheba Hut will be a great fit with the hospitality, music, and outdoor culture. We’re excited to do business in Arkansas.”

There are currently 25 locations across seven states, and five more will be built before the end of the year.

“I think when you pride yourself on food and service, everything else falls into place,” Larson said.

To be clear, none of the food contains any marijuana.

To check out a menu, click here.