Icon Julie Andrews discusses importance of 'getting back to sharing' during COVID-19

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Julie Andrews (Photo: CNN via CNN Newsource)

WASHINGTON (SBG) —Every child's favorite nanny is bringing families together again. This time it's during the coronavirus pandemic.

Julie Andrews has started a new podcast, Julie's Library, where she reads books to her listeners. Known for famous roles as "Mary Poppins" and "Maria Von Trapp," Andrews is working with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton, who is a children's author herself.

The idea for the podcast was sped up due to COVID-19.

"This was something that, that Emma and I had been planning," Andrews said. "We were going to do a podcast, for children's entertainment and hopeful partial education and joy quite a while ago, but because of the virus and, it was brought forward and escalated a little bit."

Andrews said she's not just reading children's stories, but "it's everything to do with bringing children into the podcast."

While there are countless sad stories associated with the virus, Andrews has chosen to focus on the positives the situation has created.

"Well, I'm wondering, actually, if we're getting back to some basics again, that maybe we lost for a while," Andrews said. "Because it is making us think and rethink what family bonding is all about and I'm sure it's, at times, I know with my own daughters and their children, it's stressful with young ones, particularly having them home and keeping them entertained. But, but I do think it's rather wonderful that, that getting back to sharing again, things that you can talk about afterwards and discuss. I do think it's lovely that those kinds of things are at the moment in full force, it seems."